How to earn money in India on cricket betting

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indian cricket betting with rupee

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Indians prefer to place bets on any cricket matches in Indian Rupees. Cricket betting is very famous in India as millions of people do it to add thrill besides watching cricket. Cricket betting not only generates income for them, but it also gives them the chance to experience cricket uniquely.

Whenever an individual places the bet on their favorite team, he feels like he is playing with them. This is why people prefer cricket betting alongside watching live matches.

So to attract Indian bettors to the betting site, it was necessary to launch a platform that seems safe and understood by Indians.

This is where online cricket betting in Indian rupees plays an important role. India finds it easy and simple to bet in their currency rather than other country’s currency.

Benefits Of Betting In Indian Rupees

Benefits Of Betting In Indian Rupees

Online betting in Indian rupees benefits like you can bet on multiple games simultaneously by using a single account. This helps you compare the odds and saves time because you don’t have an end to each game individually, unlike other bookies who require every bet separately.

Another benefit is that they have the best customer service in betting history and refund policies. You can contact them at any time through phone or email and get your queries answered without any fuss.

Online cricket betting sites are not only cost-effective, but they also offer higher payout rates than other operators in India. In addition, they offer a wide range of bets, particularly in ODI cricket betting.

This means that you can indulge in a bit of speculation and bet on who will win the tournament, the top batsmen and the top bowlers. Similarly, you can also bet on Live Tri-Series cricket, for which there are many more options for betting than regular series matches.

Many e-bookies provide live streaming, so you don’t need to use Sky TV or the SuperSports channel to watch IPL matches. In addition, some sites provide exclusive commentary before and during live games too. This way, you can stand a chance of winning even more.

Bettor Odds

For the current market situation, Indian sportsbooks offer betting odds on most of the games, and you can be sure that they will not disappoint you. They are also very easy to use. Online cricket betting sites in India are now open and accepting bets in Indian rupees to get as much traffic they can.

As these are primarily India-focused, you can bet on local matches such as IPL and other tournaments for which odds will be updated regularly. The best thing about these e-books is that they offer better odds than most other sportsbooks.

And suppose it’s not just the odds that attract you to betting online on cricket games. In that case, another factor that makes it even more convenient is probably the convenience and ease of placing bets anywhere and anytime, even when you’re on holiday.

You can place your bet from anywhere around the globe. This option is also facilitated by using free internet services offered at airports and hotels.

Sites For Betting In Rupees

The number of sites working in India offers people to bet in rupees. But some of the best are listed below for your convenience.


Many people worry about the safety of a site before starting cricket betting. But here on Betway, you will get a fully safe and secured medium of cricket betting.

The bettors using this site for betting recommend this site as this is reliable and safe. You will be able to bet on rupees without any problem. Moreover, you can bet on any tournaments you like, from domestic to international cricket matches.

It is beneficial for the people who are new to cricket betting as the user interface of this site is amazing. People can access any feature and option without any confusion and assistance. This is one of the best cricket betting sites, which provides live streaming of matches.


cricket betting site that provides live and multiple bets Betwinner

Another great cricket betting site that provides live and multiple bets features is Betwinner. It lets the bettor place bets on several matches at a single time.

This is a cool feature as it saves a lot of time in betting and reduces the risk of losing all the money. You can join Betwinner to start cricket betting, and it is safe and reliable and also offers welcome bonuses to new users.

So these sites provide betting in Indian rupees to gain the people’s trust to make their betting business grow in India. This is why these betting sites are very famous in many parts of the world and India.

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